Drumagog 5 Press Reviews


“..if you’re really serious about drum replacement, there’s one plug-in that sets the standard for others to follow – WaveMachine Lab's Drumagog.”

musictech January 2011 Read Full Music Tech Magazine Review Review musictech


“[Drumagog 5] maintains the easy operation of past versions while adding new features and math under the hood...”

mix magazine February 2011 Read Full Mix Magazine Review


“Drumagog 5.0 is an advanced tool that will yield stunning results... it's hard to make it sound unmusical, or make it not work at all.”

recording magazing April 2011 Read Full Recording Magazine Review


“It’s easier than ever to achieve seamless results, and the best drum replacement is when no one knows you’ve done anything at all.”

tapeop July 2011 Read Full Tape Op Magazine Review


“An impressive update to a modern-day classic, Drumagog 5 is able to hold its own in the face of stiff competition.”

computer music December 2010


“After my initial shock and awe, I fell in love with the totally re-designed GUI!”

music connection February 2011 Read Full Music Connection Review


“If you are doing any kind of music where you need to EQ and/or compress drums, you most likely NEED Drumagog 5.”

recording review February 2011


“There are many features ... that make Drumagog 5 a no-brainer upgrade for existing users and a must try for those who haven't 'gogged' yet.”

AT July 2011 Read Full Audio Technology Magazine Review


“Believe me; capturing good drum sounds can be very challenging so in many ways Drumagog is a godsend... Drumagog is an invaluable tool within the recording industry for the use of drums.”

slick drummer April 2011 Read Full Sick Drummer Magazine Review


“Whether you’re looking to add a bit more attack on the snare drum or go full-out with a new drum kit sound, Drumagog 5 makes the process easier than ever with the newly-added features.”

CM January 2011 Read Full Canadian Musician Review


“A tool that serves as an example of how things in life should be: simple and efficient.”

music gear review November 2010 Read Full Music Gear Review Review


“With a full library of samples and an open architecture that allows compatibility with collections like BFD2, Superior Drummer, Kontakt and other(s)... your drum sample library could literally go on for days.”

full rain January 2011 Read Full Rain Computers Review


“In use, I have found Drumagog's performance to be better than ever before. It's ability to easily and quickly finely tune things, along with its dramatically more powerful sounds and feature set make it a natural fit for any studio looking to sweeten its drum sounds beyond the current de facto standard.”

san diego June 2011


“If you’re a vocalist struggling to get your drum recordings to sound as good as the latest chart hits, then Drumagog may havethe solution.”

voice council January 2011


CM March 2011 Read Full Computer Music & Project Studio Review (Italian)


soundmaker December 2010 Read Full Soundmaker Review (Greek)