Auria Pro crashes when trying to load an old project

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Auria Pro crashes when trying to load an old project

Post by Ralf » Mon Feb 15, 2021 1:03 pm


Auria can't load a 44.1 KHz project from 2019 anymore. It always crashes, either with internal speakers or with a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20.

From Linux I'm parsing the Auria project file, e.g. like this:

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$ strings monoceros.prj | grep -i cho
$ strings monoceros.prj | grep -i chor -A5 -B5
Doing this I get "MixChor1". Then I can take a look at all my synth and sample libraries for similar named sounds. In this case it might be a track name shortened for "Mixed Choir 1" from iSymphpnic.
With some luck I remember parts of the composition, to record them again, using MTS Studio or Cubasis 3. Both aren't perfect DAWs either, but without the misleading "Pro" in their names and at least reliable in regards to open any old project. Even if plugins should fail to load, they at least allow to access data, such as MIDI tracks.

Consider to withdraw the "Pro" from "Auria Pro". Complete losing access to a project is anything but pro.

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