Steinberg dspMixFX UR-C

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Steinberg dspMixFX UR-C

Post by softpunch » Sun Aug 23, 2020 9:15 pm

I have a UR22C interface, and a 2016 9.7" iPad pro.

The main reason I bought this interface is because of the onboard DSP. I find it helpful to have a little bit of compression on vocals as I'm actually tracking them.

If I use my interface without the DSP effects, it works just fine in Auria.

If I try to use the DSP, Auria refuses to recognize the interface. This even occurs if I route it through audiobus as an intermediary.

Steinberg's DSPmixFX works totally fine with audioshare, cubasis, audiobus, and anything else I've tried it with. Except Auria. Just totally doesn't work.

This bug, along with the 48k synth bug, basically renders Auria worthless to me.

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