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Release Notes Thread

Post by Rim » Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:46 am

Release history:

v2.31 (6/7/2021) Current version on the App Store:
- Fixed issue with bug-reporting framework on newer iOS versions

v2.30 (5/25/2021):
- Fixed Audiobus 3 compatibility issues
- Fixed issue with MIDI routing when using processing plugins and an instrument is loaded
- Fixed MIDI routing issue when using external MIDI with processing plugins
- Fixed issue with high channel-count USB audio interfaces

v2.29 (12/11/2020):
- Fixed stability issues for devices running iOS 14.2
- Fixed Import Audio screen alignment

v2.28 (12/2/2020)
- Fixed compatibility issues with iOS 14.2
- Added support for iPad Air Gen 4
- Fixed Issue with New Project text not being dis­played

v2.27 (11/26/2020):
- Fixed issue with loading Audio Unit plugins
- Fixed issue with unfreezing tracks
- Added support for 8th generation iPad
- Addressed various stability issues

v2.26 (10/26/2020)
- Fixed issue with using the built-in microphone on USBC iPads
- Fixed USBC issue related to external audio interfaces
- Fixed issue with MIDI timing when using 44.1Khz projects
- Fixed issue with midi instrument name not updating the mixer window
- Added support for communicating the current sample rate to Audio Unit plugins
- Fixed issue with mono tracks not working properly with an AUX effect
- Fixed recording to the master bus
- Fixed various graphics issues on newer iPads
- Added support for videos imported in non-standard orientations
- Fixed issue with Solo master indicator not resetting between projects

v2.25 (3/24/2020):
- Fixed issue when installing Auria on certain iPad models
- Fixed issue when opening Import AAF window
- Fixed issue with bluetooth MIDI panel
- Fixed issue with record level control

v2.24 (3/23/2020)
- Added new MIDI enable button
- Added Audio Unit side chain support
- Added support for iOS 13
- Fixed issue with AU plugins causing freezing when loaded into AUX slots
- Fixed issue with track naming when dragging audio into Auria from the Files app
- Fixed issue with AU plugins not being saved when freezing tracks
- Fixed issue with zip file decompression
- Fixed issue with restoring certain purchases
- Added support for recording busses
- Fixed issue with Audiobus names being cut off at the end
- Fixed issue with Audiobus port assignments not being remembered
- Added support for buffer sizes larger than 512 when using MIDI
- Fixed issue with Lyra keyboard not defaulting to its specific track
- Added support for Use Audiobus 3 (Audio only)
- Fixed issue with Velocity Rescale
- Fixed issue with dragging a stereo audio file into a track
- Fixed issue with freezing / unfreezing causing CPU meter to peak
- Fixed preset name issue when unfreezing an AU effect
- Fixed issue with bus recording being mono only
- Fixed bus recording latency issue
- Fixed issue with AU plugins in AUX slots not receiving audio
- Added side chain support for MIDI tracks

v2.23 (4/30/2019)
- Improved MIDI routing
- Improved support for Audio Unit MIDI processing plugins
- Added support for automatically decompressing project files in the Inbox folder (when importing projects from other apps)
- Various crash fixes

v2.22 (4/6/2019)

- Fixed issues with MIDI routing
- Add a setting to disable auto loading of instruments for MIDI tracks
- Fixed issue with iPad 4 compatibility
- Increased automation drop-down width in editor screen
- Added support for AU plugin delay compensation
- Fixed iPad Pro 11" GUI issue
- Fixed issue with stereo AUs appearing as mono for certain plugins
- Fixed audio scrubbing
- Added support for MIDI processing plugins (Pro version)

v2.211 (1/7/2019) (Auria only)
- New version of THM to address crashing issue

v2.21 (12/10/2018)
- Fixed issue with missing notes from certain AU MIDI plugins
- Added updated THM version
- Fixed graphics issue for 2018 iPad Pros
- Fixed audio glitching on 2018 iPad Pros when using built in speaker/mic
- Fixed meter graphics issue on iPad Pro in non-optimized mode

v2.20 (11/11/2018):
- Fixed issue with AU plugins only working in mono when inserted onto a master or subgroup
- Fixed snap to zero crossing issue affecting MIDI tracks
- Added new FabFilter plugin versions
- Fixed issue with AU plugins not being unloaded properly after closing a project
- Fixed issue with fine pitch control in pitch change audio processing function
- Added sorting for AUs by name
- Added ability to disable automatic track creation when using Audiobus
- Added Bluetooth audio support (iOS 10 and greater)
- Fixed issue with certain MIDI processing AU plugins crashing

v2.19 (8/3/2018):
- Fixed issue with Audio unit tempo and sample time not syncing correctly
- Fixed issue with recordings longer than 2 hours at 96K
- Added support for AU plugins with MIDI output
- Fixed issue with mixer screen disappearing after performing a bounce in place
- Added support for mono AU plugins
- Fixed issue with OpenIn / Copy To when using apps like AudioShare

v2.18 (3/28/2018):
- Fixed issue with FabFilter Pro-L 2 crashing Auria when launching

v2.17 (3/20/2018):
- Added new FabFilter Pro-L2 limiter plugin
- Fixed issue with MIDI clock not working when looping
- Fixed mic gain control when using USB or MFi microphones
- Fixed issue with ripple editing while recording
- Added support for record mode when using MIDI MMC
- Fixed issue with piano roll control point values not being shown in info box

v2.16 (12/11/2017):
- Fixed issue with knobs in plugins only working in circular mode

v2.15 (11/29/2017):
- Fixed issue with MIDI overdub
- Fixed AAF Export to Dropbox issue
- Fixed MIDI stretch issue
- Fixed iPad Pro optimization setting not being saved
- Fixed lag issue on iOS11 when touching edges of screen
- Fixed issue with iOS8 incompatibility
- Added local currency for Auria Store
- Fixed an issue with creating manual transient markers
- Fixed an issue that prevented EnvShaper from working on mono tracks
- Added AU plugin resizing feature

v2.14 (10/31/2017):
- Added iOS11 Files app drag and drop functionality
- Fixed tempo and transport issues with Audio Unit plugins
- Fixed plugin latency issue with mix down and bounce in place
- Fixed issue with Apple headphone adapter
- Fixed MIDI join issue
- Fixed issue with AudioShare and external USB drive importing
- Fixed import MP3 sample rate issue
- Added new Dropbox SDK version

v2.12 (11/1/2017):
- Added compatibility with iOS11
- Added support for Files app in iOS11
- Fixed an issue with editing notes in the piano roll. Sometimes performing edits on one track would affect the notes on another track.
- Fixed issue with Paste As MIDI settings in the settings page
- Added EBU R128 Loudness measurement in Normalize window
- Fixed issues with Dropbox importing and overwriting existing files without asking
- Fixed Dropbox sample rate conversion issues
- Fixed issue with Snap to Zero crossings not working
- Fixed issue with Transient paste MIDI note

v2.11 (5/22/2017):
- Fixed issue with crashing while performing editing functions (for example moving/resizing regions, moving notes, etc)
- Removed CPU warnings (iOS 10.3.2 caused incorrect CPU readings)

v2.09 (2/8/2017):
- Fixed split issue with MIDI tracks
- Fixed graphics issue with track names in editor
- Fixed graphics issue with meters
- Fixed issue with Join and AIF files
- Fixed issue with subgroup plugins and sidechain in 64 bit mixer mode
- Fixed various crash and bugs
- Added new FabFilter Pro-R reverb plugin as an in-app purchase
- Added 5 new Twin 2 preset packs as in-app purchases
- Added new 32-sample buffer size option
- FabFilter Pro-Q 2 now supports Spectrum Grab: tap and hold in the spectrum area to enable it.

v2.08 (11/1/2016):
- Fixed issue with crashing caused by AU plugins with incorrect plugin information
- Fixed Global keyboard MIDI channel selector
- Fixed Global keyboard Mod wheel position and VelAUcity tracking

v2.07 (11/28/2016):
- Fixed issue with global keyboard not remembering last settings used
- Fixed issue with stuck notes on built-in synths
- Fixed graphics issue with track assignment box in the Import File screen
- Fixed crash issue with Drumagog plugin
- Fixed issue with automation not working on non-AU plugins and channelstrip

v2.06 (11/12/2016):
- Fixed iOS10 graphics issues
- Added Audio Unit support
- Added a new MIDI global keyboard
- Fixed issue with latency when bouncing

v2.05 (7/10/2016):
- Fixed issue with Lyra and background audio mode
- Fixed issue with keyboard entry when a bluetooth keyboard was attached
- Add “Export to Other App” to Share menu for audio and MIDI regions
- Fixed issue with Bounce In Place not unloading IAAs
- Fixed issue with MIDI not outputting when track 1 is record armed
- Added Bluetooth MIDI keyboard support
- Fixed crashing issue when enabling plugins that used a sidechain.
- Fixed issue with side chain and delay compensation
- Fixed issue with deleting tracks which could cause project corruption
- Fixed GUI issue with on iPad Pro in non-optimized mode when showing 5 - 8 tracks
- Fixed crash when adding, then deleting/undoing a track
- Added 5/8 time signature
- Made import tempo map off by default in the import dialog
- Fixed issue with piano roll selections
- Fixed Mackie MCU and HUI remote issues

v2.04 (4/1/2016):

- Fixed issue with Auria quitting after 50 seconds when playing in the background with Lyra
- Fixed issue with pasting onto the first track
- Fixed issue with bounce in place freezing if record enable is on
- Improved touch response in piano roll editor
- Fixed issue with meters not functioning in certain circumstances
- Fixed Import Audio issue with not being able to access bottom two rows
- Fixed issue with MCU/HUI options box not being accessible int he MIDI settings page when more than 6 MIDI outputs are present
- Fixed crossfade button in editor
- Reverted to original method for note overlap handling in piano roll. Notes that overlap are now shortened instead of being deleted.
- Fixed wrong template versions in non-Pro Auria version
- Fixed various graphics issues on iPad Pro
- Fixed issue with Master Meter window disappearing when in editor screen
- Fixed Triplet and Dotted snapping

v2.03 (1/20/2016)

- Added a new way to enter piano roll mode: doubletap on a MIDI region
- Made draw mode the default mode when entering piano roll for the first time
- Added ability to draw highlights with a single tap when in piano roll draw mode.
- Improved the way the velocity box works for multiple notes. Now it changes velocity relative to each note's original velocity
- Improved the way highlighting works in piano roll. Now it automatically selects all notes within the highlight
- Changed piano roll draw mode delete to require a long tap
- Added MIDI controller draw mode functionality - now you can create and edit controllers by just drawing a curve with your finger
- Added velocity draw mode to the piano roll view selector. This allows drawing velocity curves directly with your finger.
- Made the blue locator less intense
- Fixed issue with higher CPU usage when using real time MIDI controls
- Fixed issue with MIDI file import and tempo maps
- Fixed checkbox in Import File screen for importing the tempo map
- New version of Overloud THM, which fixes the issues with audio disappearing with certain presets

v2.02 (12/19/2015)

- Added “Export To Lyra as Sample” function in the Share menu - allows Lyra to quickly play a WAV file across the entire keyboard
- Fixed Lyra aftertouch issue
- Changed CPU Overload message so it doesn’t stop the transport by default
- Fixed issue with Convolution reverb and delay when using Low CPU mode
- Fixed delay compensation issue when using Sidechain inputs
- Updated AudioCopy to latest SDK, which fixes compatibility issues
- Fixed issue with IAAs on frozen tracks still loading
- Improved IAA compatibility with certain apps.
- Added new retina versions of all FabFilter plugins
- Added new version of Turnado, which fixes issue with knobs being reset on transport stop
- Fixed issue with tempo maps not importing on certain MIDI files
- Made quantize swing delay notes instead of advancing notes
- Fixed Lyra issue in pads mode that stopped all pads being played when one finger was released
- Fixed Lyra keyboard issue with keys not properly lighting when being pressed
- Fixed issue with piano roll CC messages not following curves if more than one CC was present
- Fixed issue with Bank/Patch not being properly sent
- Fixed instrument menu scrolling issue with very long instrument lists
- Fixed issue with triplet button in piano roll
- Added function which automatically extends imported MIDI regions to the next bar
- Added function which automatically assigns instruments when importing MIDI files with GM programs
- Improved compatibility with Lyra and EXS libraries.

v2.01 (12/7/2015)

- Fixed various crashes found in 2.00
- Fixed issue with FabFilter synths not being installed after upgrade (only fixed for new upgrades)
- Fixed issue with AudioPaste when choosing a MIDI track
- Fixed issue with using an IAA in an AUX send which could corrupt project
- Auto Cleanup moved to a manual button
- ADDED: Direct Outputs feature (Auria Pro only)
- ADDED: VelAUcity tracking feature on Lyra pads (not available on Air 2)
- ADDED: New draw mode in piano roll: repeat draw mode.
- ADDED: New Lyra sample library available for purchase from MoReVoX - Drive Monster Drums

v1.155 (11/25/2014)

- Fixed issue with Freeze button being disabled after freezing on iOS 8.1
- Improved recording robustness in the event of a recording interruption
- Various bug fixes

v1.154 (11/4/2014):

- Fixed issue with iPad Air 2 models and high CPU usage during scrolling
- Made recording post-processing phase more robust to protect against loss of audio in very long recordings
- Improved memory usage when using channel strips
- Made saving more robust to protect against corrupt projects

v1.153 (9/27/2014):

- Fixed issue with the channelstrip EQ button
- Fixed issue with DCAM ChanComp plugin missing on iOS8
- Fixed issue with Auria opening on iOS6
- Fixed issue with crashing on startup in iOS8
- Fixed FabFilter menu issue

v1.152 (9/12/2014):

- Added support for iOS8
- Added support for Audiobus 2.
- Fixed issue with Audiobus tracks reverting to the internal mic when removing instrument.
- Fixed issue with Audiobus and recording several inputs from the same source
- Fixed issue with multi-selecting several regions, then moving the length handle.
- Fixed potential crash with convolution reverb when the IR file is missing.
- Fixed issue with downloading purchases.
- Made "Select All" able to select locked regions.
- Fixed issue with loading projects which contain no tracks
- Fixed issue with create a new project with same name as an old project
- Fixed issues with time stretching and potential glitches at the end
- Fixed issue with Convolution Reverb and the offset knob
- Fixed record level control values
- Disabled record enables when deleting or moving tracks

v1.151 (7/14/2014):

- Fixed issue with Delete Automation on Track
- Fixed issue with Auria muting output when using audiobus with an Aux or Subgroup output
- Fixed issue with freezing mono tracks when an IAA plugin is inserted
- Fixed import issue when importing audio for video
- Fixed Apple Loops issue and timestrecthing when importing loops
- Fixed issue with international characters causing problems with Audio Copy/Paste
- Fixed issue with removing an IAA plugin and the previous plugin getting re-enabled
- Fixed IAA issue with mono tracks when closing the plugin outside of Auria.

v1.150 (5/29/2014):

- FIXED: Issue with Auria not muting its output when using Audiobus.
- FIXED: Convolution reverb issue with mix control not recalling in certain cases
- FIXED: Issue with output assignments when in 64 bit mixer mode
- FIXED: Sidechain issue on subgroup channels
- FIXED: Issue with IAA plugins not restoring after undoing a deleted track
- FIXED: Issue with AudioCopy ignoring the length handle
- FIXED: Issue with using the WOW2 LFO and looping
- FIXED: Potential project corruption issue when loading a project with a sample rate different from a background app sample rate.
- FIXED: Problem with renaming projects, then using snapshots
- ADDED: “Loop to Selection” option
- ADDED: Region-based automation mode. This feature, when enabled in the settings allows automation to be linked to regions, so any edits done on regions affect automation as well.
- ADDED: Ability to cut/copy/paste automation

v1.142 (4/24/2014):

- FIXED: Auto punch doesn't resume playback until a few seconds after the end locator
- FIXED: Auto punch outputs only left side audio on stereo tracks when using built-in mic
- FIXED: IAAs are recorded, even though Record Effects isn't enabled
- FIXED: Issue with preview file growing very large when exporting to dropbox
- FIXED: issue with IAAs not working on master track
- FIXED: Duplicating a project from inside a folder causes an error
- FIXED: Auto punch with internal mic causes feedback on stereo tracks
- FIXED: New SugarBytes Turnado version which fixes issues with certain presets
- ADDED: Ripple Edit Mode
- ADDED: Cut function now allows you to cut from a highlighted section of a region

v1.141 (3/26/2014):

- FIXED: iOS7.1 bug related to 96K projects
- FIXED: Low volume issue - added option for speaker/mic processing in settings
- FIXED: Auto input monitor – Auria now mixes the input with the playback audio automatically
- FIXED: Change to Audiobus when using Auria in the input slot (made Master the default port)
- FIXED: New versions of WOW and Turnado fixing various bugs
- FIXED: New versions of all FabFilter plugins, which fix the spectrum analyzer issue
- FIXED: New versions of all the FXpansion plugins, fixing various bugs
- FIXED: Issue with Auria incorrectly reporting the transport state and positions to IAA plugins.
- ADDED: New Plugin: FabFilter Pro-MB

v1.14 (11/25/2013):

- FIXED: When creating a new project, any IAAs from the previous project will appear in the new project
- FIXED: Some IAA plugins stutter in mixdown and freeze
- FIXED: Deleting a track with an IAA plugin doesn’t delete IAA and causes corruption
- FIXED: Convolution reverb not working in mono to stereo configuration
- FIXED: Auria LE: status bar appears over top of screen
- FIXED: Crash when touching the icons while in import audio or load project screens
- FIXED: When inserting an IAA on a Sub channel, the name is blank
- FIXED: Incorrect IAA loaded for aux2
- FIXED: Transport buttons ignore touches at the very top of the buttons.
- FIXED: Max CPU shows a high number when first loading IAA
- FIXED: An IAA in an insert causes the playback audio to be mono unless it is removed
- FIXED: No speaker icon in import window under iOS7
- FIXED: Mixdown fails when making an MP3 in some cases
- FIXED: Importing an MP3 with sample rates other than the project rate fails
- FIXED: m4a import issue with non-english characters
- ADDED: New versions of Turnado and WOW2 with automation support
- ADDED: New versions of FabFilter plugins: fixed an issue in iOS7 with crashing when choosing a preset

v1.13 (11/17/2013):

- ADDED: Inter-app audio support
- Fixed issue with auto cleanup when dealing with large projects
- Fixed rare issue with Masterstrip and audio cutting out
- Added Turnado and WOW2 optional plugins
- Fixed Join / split issue with clicking in certain cases
- In iOS7, the import audio screen would sometimes select the wrong item after scrolling
- Fixed issue with single input USB devices only record on left channel when recording onto a stereo track
- Added new Audio Copy Paste version
- Made auto-input monitor mode on by default

v1.12 (9/15/2013):

- FIXED: Audiobus not working for LE users
- FIXED: Midi Remote buttons don't work properly when names don't match
- FIXED: Video page in settings not showing after purchase
- FIXED: When changing tempo, hiding the keyboard doesn't save the tempo
- FIXED: Audiobus crash if pressing rewind right after recording, then switching back to Auria
- FIXED: Can't open corrupt WAV files from certain DAWs
- FIXED: Issue with timestretch which could cause clicks at end of certain regions
- FIXED: Issue with silence when playing certain loops
- FIXED: Memory leak in freeze function causes memory to be used after every freeze
- FIXED: Master limiter check button is pressed when enabling a plugin
- ADDED: New audiobus version. Please update your Audiobus app when using Auria 1.12

v1.11 (8/5/2013):

- FIXED: Load Video is greyed out
- FIXED: Record enabled tracks are left out of mixdown
- FIXED: Naming a mixdown causes a crash
- FIXED: Problem running with iOS 5.x devices
- FIXED: Bar numbering in editor should start at 1 and display odd bars
- FIXED: Tempo is not saved after closing time settings box
- FIXED: Bar/beat numbering for time signatures with denominators of 2
- FIXED: Issue with snapping at bar number 1
- FIXED: Volume cuts out when using 32bit float wav files and auto-crossfade
- FIXED: Issue with setting offset trim handle to before 0 when snap enabled
- FIXED: in rare cases, a corrupted project could cause Auria not to open
- FIXED: Mixdown could use too much memory when using automation
- ADDED: Import from AudioShare menu item
- ADDED: New CoreAudio mode settings. Allows choosing between legacy, standard and MultiRoute modes.
- ADDED: New FXpansion plugins: BusComp and ChanComp

v1.10 (7/11/2013):

- FIXED: Improved audiobus functionality with automatic track creation
- FIXED: Fixed occasional Audiobus crash when switching apps
- FIXED: Fixed issue with freezing when recording after setting input matrix to an audiobus input
- FIXED: Long recordings now correctly import into project
- FIXED: Issue with automation not being drawn beyond the current screen
- FIXED: Issue with mono mixdown and naming tracks
- FIXED: Sidechain input now updates when moving and deleting tracks
- FIXED: Sidechain not working on subgroup plugins
- FIXED: Issue with AAF import not setting the sample rate correctly at 48k or 96k
- FIXED: Added track number to start of name when exporting stems
- FIXED: Muted regions don't stay muted when copy/pasted
- FIXED: Split stereo is selectable when using mp3 mode in mixdown
- FIXED: When opening project at a different sample rate than a background app, it wouldn't open properly
- FIXED: Fixed crash which could occur when moving track order
- FIXED: Fixed crash when undoing delete track
- FIXED: Fixed issue with sub-beat value in counter displaying 119 instead of 000 when in bars:beat mode
- FIXED: Import audio and load project text labels truncate in the middle, instead of at the end
- FIXED: Normalize function sometimes adds latency
- FIXED: Improved quality of convolution reverb in high-quality mode
- FIXED: Default name for a mixdown is now the project name instead of "Mixdown.wav"
- FIXED: Fixed issue with symbols in project name causing issues when saving to DropBox
- FIXED: Issue with saving presets in ChannelStrip and MasterStrip
- FIXED: Auto-return not returning to loop start if double-tapping the stop button
- FIXED: Issue with Drumagog freezing when auditioning samples while playing a loop
- FIXED: Issue with using Split Stereo option when mixing down.
- FIXED: Issue with redoing a frozen track after undo
- FIXED: m4a import problem
- FIXED: Can't delete m4a or video files
- FIXED: Issue with importing aiff files from DropBox
- FIXED: deleting aux preset
- ADDED: Mixdown e-mail option
- ADDED: Clip-based gain handle
- ADDED: Icon bar
- ADDED: Higher resolution grid lines when in bars:beats mode
- ADDED: Load from snapshot if project fails to load
- ADDED: Snap to locators, markers and highlight
- ADDED: Semi-transparent regions when moving
- ADDED: MIDI Sync support with MTC, MMC and Midi clock options
- ADDED: MIDI support for plugins
- ADDED: MIDI remote control for controlling Auria with Mackie MCU and HUI surfaces
- ADDED: Full MIDI MTC chase capability
- ADDED: New versions of all the FabFilter plugins with MIDI input support
- ADDED: AudioShare integration
- ADDED: Auto input monitor option in settings: will automatically turn off rec enable when playing back

v1.091 (5/20/2013):

- FIXED: loading a project using the Load Recent function could result in corrupt project in rare cases
- FIXED: Join with highlight deletes regions on other tracks if selected

v1.09 (4/23/2013):

- FIXED: Pro-C, Volcano and Timeless issue
- FIXED: MP3 import not working correctly
- FIXED: Audiobus not working when inserting apps in certain order
- FIXED: Timestretch causes clicks on certain tracks
- FIXED: Join function sometimes adds extra silence at the start
- FIXED: Pressing process menu clears solo
- FIXED: Muted regions are now more transparent
- FIXED: Auto crossfade works on all regions now
- FIXED: Fixed issue with accidentally entering highlight or locator set mode when double tapping in two different places
- FIXED When recording with loop mode enabled, nothing is recorded for the first second
- FIXED Fixed issue with no audio when using loop mode and rewinding
- FIXED Fixed crashing issue when undoing freezing/unfreezing track
- FIXED Fixed issue with plugin settings not restoring after undo delete plugin
- ADDED: Auria Forum to menu
- ADDED: Recent project list to menu

v1.08 (4/19/2013):

- FIXED: Recording stereo only records on left channel (workaround: enable Record Effects in record menu)
- FIXED: Condense regions only for selected regions
- FIXED: Extended the trim arrow range by making the fade handles disappear if the track height is small
- FIXED: zoom slider in edit page now correctly zooms around the cursor
- FIXED: Newly recorded regions are named after the track name instead of Audio 01…
- FIXED: Info box displays the amount of shift when moving regions and stretch percentage
- FIXED: Cleanup wasn't removing some unused files properly
- FIXED: Double-tap on the stop button rewinds to the start locator. Second double-tap rewinds to the start.
- FIXED: Crash when using Audiobus and longer recordings.
- ADDED: Split All function added
- ADDED: FXPansion DCAM EnvShaper plug-in
- ADDED: New FabFilter plug-in versions which support side chain (Pro-C, Volcano2, Timeless2)
- ADDED: Automation and track names are visible now when the edit gain slider is set to OFF
- ADDED: Mute region function
- ADDED: lock locators and lock markers options added to transport menu
- ADDED: Join function
- ADDED: Dedicated loop handle added to each region, allowing automatic duplicates while preserving length and offset

v1.07 (3/27/2013):

- FIXED: Count-in not working properly with audiobus
- FIXED: Count-in is out of sync with previously recorded tracks
- FIXED: Select highlighted regions not working in left to right orientation
- FIXED: Auria runs opening tutorial when it runs low on memory in some cases.
- FIXED: Audiobus recording into mono tracks not working
- FIXED: Subgroup Aux sends are always PRE, no matter what the setting is.
- FIXED: m4a not supported when importing audio from dropbox
- FIXED: Convolution reverb not showing wav files in folders
- FIXED: Duplicate region not working properly with snap
- FIXED: Delete snapshots not working correctly.
- FIXED: springverb becomes pianoverb in some cases
- FIXED: Locked regions can move if select all is used
- FIXED: foreign characters on mixdown to dropbox not working
- FIXED: samplerate message is causing issues with other projects.
- FIXED: cleanup function should look at snapshot folders as well before deleting unused files
- FIXED: Delay compensation and metronome not working properly together
- FIXED: When using the menus by dragging, the menu items lag behind the finger position
- FIXED: Some AIF files fail to load
- FIXED: Automation drawn in one parameter can affect the display of other parameters
- FIXED: Record level not affecting audiobus recordings
- FIXED: Issue with automation which prevented the first control point from being moved
- FIXED: Issue with not being able to select regions in rare cases
- FIXED: Undo move markers is not working
- FIXED: In certain AAF files, fades are not importing
- FIXED: When mixing down a file using locators, the wrong song length is created.
- FIXED: When mixing down using locators, the resulting mix is placed at 0 instead of the in locator, where it belongs
- FIXED: Master meter isn't displaying levels when record monitoring
- FIXED: Vertical zoom in the editor isn't zooming properly for high numbered tracks
- FIXED: deleting a frozen track that's also the last track in the project could cause the subgroup plugins to be inaccessible and cause mixdown issues
- FIXED: WIST mode can cause issues when working with a large project
- FIXED: The record latency offset box is not accepting negative numbers in the settings page
- FIXED: Audiobus won't allow Auria to be used as both an input and an output
- ADDED: tempo sync functionality for plugins
- ADDED: functionality which automatically creates new audio tracks any time a new Audiobus input is detected, names it, and automatically sets the input matrix to the correct input
- ADDED: Audiobus Live Monitor mode - allows monitoring of the original audio from the Audiobus input without going through Auria's mixer.
- ADDED: Auto snapshot system. Will automatically generate a snapshot every 10 minutes in a round-robin list of 10 snapshots.
- ADDED: A backup snapshot of the current project is automatically generated when loading another snapshot
- ADDED: Made auto-clean function an option in the settings (now off by default).
- ADDED: Adjustable disk buffer in the settings. Use "Large" mode if you get disk overload messages when using high channel count USB interfaces
- ADDED: Time stretching by dragging a region handle with two fingers. Uses DIRAC time stretching algorithm
- ADDED: Automatic region duplication by dragging a region handle beyond the end of the current region
- ADDED: - Automatic time stretching for imported regions. When enabled (in the Import Audio dialog), Auria will automatically time stretch imported loops to the project tempo (provided they are in Acidized WAV or Apple loops format).
- ADDED: Real-time scrubbing mode added
- ADDED: Side-chain support for plug-ins

v1.06 (1/24/2013):

- FIXED: When freezing a track containing a plugin that used a preset, the name of the preset is not displayed upon unfreezing.
- FIXED: Timeline and snapping functionality is not working correctly for time signatures with 8 or 16 as a denominator.
- FIXED: Some setting aren't stored in the project (CPU meter, background audio mode)
- FIXED: Adjusting trim handles on a region causes it to pop to the front
- FIXED: Undoing a region move doesn't restore the region order for overlapping regions
- FIXED: Record options isn't working in the edit window when holding down the record buttons
- FIXED: In 64-bit mode, only last plugin inserted is heard on subgroups and master.
- FIXED: In the output matrix, setting the aux mode to mono results in hard right panning on entire mix
- FIXED: Can't close record level box while recording
- FIXED: Paste isn't pasting to the correct location on the timeline
- FIXED: Snap to cursor isn't working with highlighting
- FIXED: After deleting tracks, mutes and solos are not being set correctly
- FIXED: Fixed initial snap functionality when dragging a region to a different track
- FIXED: Selecting the locators sometimes selected the cursor and vice versa
- FIXED: Improved the editor double-tap to highlight functionality
- FIXED: Select Highlighted Regions was selecting regions on all tracks within the range instead of only the highlighted tracks.
- FIXED: When bounce recording only the right side of a track, the meter doesn't indicate anything
- FIXED: Can't unselect "show subgroup tracks" in editor menu
- FIXED: Solo indicator moved so it doesn't overlap values in edit page
- FIXED: ClassicVerbPro issue with 48k and 96k projects
- FIXED: Cleanup function now correctly removes unused regions in projects.
- FIXED: Crashing issue when updating from previous versions of Auria.
- ADDED: Added setting for Pre/post aux sends
- ADDED: Count-in mode
- ADDED: Snapshot system
- ADDED: New stem export mode for mixdown, creates a folder containing all tracks mixed down individually with any effects and automation.
- ADDED: Support for m4a files (import and mixdown export)
- ADDED: Folder support for Convolution Reverb.
- ADDED: True multiroute support. Now the headphones plugged into the iPad can be routed independently of the other outputs.
- ADDED: Audiobus support (iPad 3 or greater suggested)
- ADDED: New plugin available as in-app purchase: PSP SpringVerb

v1.05 (12/23/2012):

- FIXED: In the Load Project dialog, Auria incorrectly allows you to move the currently active project to another folder.
- FIXED: Automation does not get saved when freezing a track
- FIXED: Frozen tracks do not properly compensate for latency once unfrozen (for example in plugins like Drumagog)
- FIXED: When duplicating a region when the snap is set to Bar or beats, the duplicated region doesn't snap.
- FIXED: when changing a preset on a plugin, then undoing it, a crash occurs.
- FIXED: Importing AAFs will result in masterstrips being put in place of channelstrips on certain channels
- FIXED: Adding a track to a project sometimes would result in a corrupt region being added to the new track
- FIXED: Rare issue with Auria crashing after recording
- FIXED: removing a plugin from an insert on a track, then undoing would sometimes cause the wrong plugin to get re-loaded
- FIXED: When installing Auria onto a new iPad (from a backup), the Convolution Reverb IR files list is empty
- ADDED: Moving the waveform gain slider to the left will disable waveform drawing, allowing much faster draw rates for slower iPads and larger projects.
- ADDED: new edit feature: "Select Highlighted Regions" will select any regions currently highlighted (similar to using a "lasso" tool).
- ADDED: New version of DropBox
- ADDED: New version of JamUp which fixes several crashing bugs

1.04 (12/7/2012):

- FIXED: Automating plug-ins doesn't remember the initial control positions
- FIXED: When time format is set to Bars:Beats, sometimes the counter displays incorrect times after moving the cursor around in the timeline many times.
- FIXED: Freezing tracks doesn't free up memory, only CPU usage
- FIXED: Cleanup function does not properly remove recorded regions which are no longer used
- FIXED: Can't create folders with the same name as the project
- FIXED: Pasting a group of regions to a new track starting point causes the paste to be one track off.
- FIXED: Pasting is possible onto frozen tracks (this should not be allowed)
- FIXED: When recalling a project with Convolution Reverb loaded in an aux slot, the reverb will only output on left channel
- FIXED: Setting Record Level on a track is only possible on the first track
- FIXED: When importing an AAF file which contains .aif files and is at a different sample rate, this sample rate is not being read.
- FIXED: If Auria is force quit, it will report a crash the next time it is launched (this can safely be ignored, as no crash has actually occurred).
- FIXED: WIST mode starts early if Auria is in Master mode
- FIXED: Minor graphics bug when closing the settings page while a dropdown box is open
- FIXED: When Auria is started in Portrait mode and is running iOS6, the screen must be rotated in order to display correctly
- FIXED: Using a reverb effect on a short region causes the reverb tail to cut out after the region is finished playing
- FIXED: Double-tapping on the video preview window while on the edit page doesn't make the video full screen
- FIXED: New version of THM, which fixes the issue with landscape mode on iOS6 iPads
- FIXED: When using the multiselect tool, sometimes moving a region results in the wrong region being moved.
- FIXED: Plugin delay compensation is not compensating recorded tracks properly.
- ADDED: Improved the input matrix by adding scrolling instead of tabs for selecting which tracks are displayed.
- ADDED: New improvements to ClassicVerb. It now offers improved audio quality, smoothness, and better stereo imaging.
- ADDED: New Output Matrix panel for customizing output channel assignments for USB devices.
- ADDED: Support for embedded AAF file import
- ADDED: New JamUp plugin available for in-app purchase
- ADDED: New PSP OldTimer plugin available for in-app purchase
- ADDED: New PSP PianoVerb2 plugin available for in-app purchase
- ADDED: New IR library HIT! available for in-app purchase

v1.03.1 (10/8/2013:

- FIXED: If Auria is started in Portrait mode, it will not display the entire mix window. As a workaround, just turn to landscape and back.
- FIXED: When using WIST mode, double clicking on the stop or rew buttons doesn't return to zero.
- FIXED: Add AudioPaste support for other sample rates
- FIXED: Issues with track freezing results in phantom audio being played after the frozen regions
- FIXED: Issue with Condense Regions and frozen tracks
- FIXED: Time signature settings are displayed incorrectly in the settings if choosing a signature of 5/4 or later
- FIXED: Autoscroll sometimes doesn't refresh if there are markers present
- FIXED: After recording a new region, a click could occur at the end of the region in certain cases.
- FIXED: Background Audio Mode is less compatible with other music apps in this new update
- FIXED: MP3 files sometimes have the wrong length listed in the import window
- FIXED: Doing a mixdown when Pro-Q is inserted on a track, and is set to a non zero-latency mode results in freezing
- FIXED: ReTune plug-in doesn't work well with lower pitched voices, causing artifacts
- FIXED: Recording is possible on frozen tracks
- FIXED: Sometimes two ClassicVerb instances in the same project could interfere with each other, causing quiet clicks to occur.
- FIXED: When moving regions, there's a default "snap" that prevents fine tuning of the movement at the initial move. (added a 2 second timeout - just hold the region for at least two seconds to disable this snap behavior)
- FIXED: When using USB devices with only one input (Apogee Jam or Mic for example), the gain control is inactive and USB indicator doesn't light
- FIXED: When moving a region, snap doesn't work correctly if the region is moved to a different track.
- FIXED: When using WIST with another app, the other app starts early
- FIXED: When record enabling on the edit page, the record enable button on the mixer sometimes doesn't update to the correct status
- FIXED: Recording is still possible on frozen tracks (should be disabled)
- ADDED: New version of ReTune: fixed issue when using ReTune on lower pitched voices. Existing projects which had problems should readjust the range Size and Lower controls for best results

v1.02 (9/5/2012):

- FIXED: When freezing a track, sometimes only the left channel is output
- FIXED: Pressing the Restore Purchases button in the store while loading a project makes the progress bar disappear
- FIXED: Convolution reverb is not recalling it's preset when loading a project
- FIXED: iRig and other headphone jack-based interfaces have issue with monitoring while recording
- FIXED: importing AAF files with sample rates other than 44.1 result in the regions being placed in wrong positions.
- FIXED: Freezing a track with plug-ins on it results in the track being out of sync
- FIXED: Auria is not compatible with iOS 6
- FIXED: Sometimes when assigning a channel in the input matrix, it needs to be selected the first time, even though it shows it's selected.
- FIXED: Pasting multiple tracks sometimes results in the tracks being pasted on the same track
- FIXED: Issue with adding track while still playing
- FIXED: Wav files from beatmaker are not properly supported because beatmaker writes non-standard wav files.
- FIXED: If other windows or pop-ups are open, the mixdown box won't let you change settings
- FIXED: When the multiselect tool is used on the editor page, pinch zooming doesn't work
- FIXED: When using AudioCopy/Paste, the Copy process will convert the selected audio to 44.1 / 16bit even if it's already at that format
- FIXED: When bouncing a mixdown with AIFF format, the resulting mixdown is blank
- FIXED: Sometimes automation can spill over onto an adjacent track when using fader groups while automating
- FIXED: Add 5/4 time signature
- FIXED: Video plays only during playback
- FIXED: Locator isn't snapping properly when selecting locator points
- FIXED: StereoDelay and StereoChorus are difficult to adjust using the time selector.
- FIXED: Crash when un-doing aux plugins
- FIXED: Rare crash when audiopasting
- FIXED: Crash when swapping tracks
- FIXED: Crash when rotating iPad during project load
- FIXED: Rare crash when deleting track, then undoing
- FIXED: Crash when using the Create New Folder button while in Load AAF dialog
- FIXED: Crash when loading certain Drumagog gog files
- FIXED: Rare crash when selecting automation points
- ADDED: Condense Regions feature for trimming away unused audio to save space
- ADDED: Automatic cleanup deletes unused audio files in a project upon loading
- ADDED: Prevent iPad from going to sleep while Auria is playing

v1.01 (7/13/2012)
Initial release


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