Auria for iPhone? -2020 version

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Auria for iPhone? -2020 version

Post by NoiseHorse » Wed Dec 09, 2020 10:23 pm

Rim from 2013:—“It's something we've considered, but Auria at the moment is custom tailored for the iPad screen, so that's what we're focusing on. It's possible we might revisit this in the future.”

Hi Rim & Corey. I’m just checking to see if anymore consideration has been made towards a iPhone version. iPhones are larger and more powerful than they were 5 years ago, and many iPad music apps are now becoming usable on various I-devices it is becoming a sign of the times we live in.
One of the most useful advantages is being able to send iPad projects over to the iPhone for listening and tweaking within the same app. Vice versa for occasions when an iPhone is available to capture a performance that may not be as good in an iPad studio.
I would pay full price for limited functionality and feel great about having a new way to support your hard work!
Please consider and let us know what you think! Thanks.

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