Pre-sale korg gadget workflow query

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Pre-sale korg gadget workflow query

Post by Triton100 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 11:24 am


I'd like to check a few things before I decide on whether auria is right for my case use.

First of all it looks amazing. I'm stunned at what it looks like it can do. Desktop quality.

Is it possible to sync korg gadget ? Is it a smooth transition swapping screens between auria and gadget? Workflow would be: sketch out arrangement in gadget using several instruments. 'Patch' it though into auria. And use auria as playback control. Record audio into auria over background gadget sequence. Once happy with final song. Export all audio stems from gadget into auria for mixing.

Is this possible and if so does anyone know what the smoothest steps involved would be ?

I like to use spectrum analysis when eqing, would I get away with auria or would I need Pro?

Also I've read a bunch of reviews on the App Store saying auria is prone to crashing etc. Is it stable enough for my requirements using an iPad Pro 10.5 ?


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