wish mixer useless tracks possible deletion

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wish mixer useless tracks possible deletion

Post by mididrum » Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:12 pm

1)since each opening from audiobus creates rec tracks, these tracks turn useless after EACH (changing mind) : swaping IAA plugs in Audiobus ins, create…AGAIN new rec tracks ( old won't rec audiobus anymore !) : that NEEDS to DELETE theses too many useless tracks ( with NO wave recorded)
right now SCREEN turns a MESS for creative player running on screen to see / ACCESS master commands, good luck its effects windows is floating !!!should include FULL :.the 3 buttons swap ( and) masters of effects

more boring ( no) bugs :.
-moving quickly ( from TOO MUCH SENSITIVITY) on screeen ( ipad pro) kicks OUT -VERY easy- AURIA out !!!!
-too many USELESS and WRONG ( for PRO processor power) false advertiisements : about too,many plugs in use !!!!

about BETTER ergonomy
2) command arrow for locators in out is boring on mixer screen (to puch, mix down, loop !) needs swaping screen twice to waves screen : to set it ...safe : time lost: , better get it on waves screeen!!!

3 ) AT START :.piano roll edit should NOT start with Write mode ON : sliding screen creates mistaken notes USELESS

'4} Midi tracks audio screen cannot change effect sends as can do audio track _from "pannel window" : so MUCH BETTER to place the 3 switches 1-6 effects on upper main tool frame : there is room enough for it (at project name VERY wide window)

5 ) get MASTER TRACK FLOATING WINDOW: same do meters could SAVE time at mixing from SWAPING screen too much RIGHT -left : boring !!!!

6 ) new projects need to preset at settings : background ON , and metering AFTER fader ON. riple edit : active trach only
better usefull choice ....

anyway...AURIA GETS MORE,and MORE efficient and enjoyable !!!
CONGRATULATIONS and thanks to Rim
best regards

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