Lyra drum sounds keyboard overview?

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Lyra drum sounds keyboard overview?

Post by JeroenJ » Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:55 am


I was wondering if there is an overview of the Lyra drum sounds keyboard mapping.
I found a General MIDI Percussion list that seems to match (somewhat) at, but not all are present in the Jazz/Rock drumkit.

It would be nice to have an actual overview (also for the "Various Percussion" set).
Does anyone know if this is documented yet somewhere?

Thanks in advance,

Corey W
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Re: Lyra drum sounds keyboard overview?

Post by Corey W » Sun Jan 17, 2016 5:40 pm

Hi JeroenJ,
The basic rundown of the Lyra Drum's GM Mapping is as follows (designated by key number):

35 (B2 default in Lyra)- Kick 1
36- Kick 2
37- Side Stick
38- Snare 1
40- Snare 2
41- Floor Tom
42- Closed HH
44- Foot Pedal HH
45- Low Tom
46- Open HH
48- Mid Tom
49- Crash 1
50- Hi Tom
51- Ride cymbal
52- Chinese cymbal
53- Ride Bell
55- Splash Cymbal
56- Cowbell
57- Crash 2


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