Problems with Program Changes / Midi

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Problems with Program Changes / Midi

Post by jorrik » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:48 pm

Am using Auria Pro with iPad Air 2 and iConnectAudio4+

We are using this setup for our Concerts on stage to controll our backing tracks (synthesizers), click track and to use Auria as Master clock for lightning performance and other stage things.

We also use Auria to control our guitar amps/effect programs using the "Kemper Profiler" via Midi. We want to send Midi Signals from Auria to the Kemper controlling program changes among other things. For this we have generated the respective midi tracks / commands (e.g. time track, CC31, program changes). We have tested this setup successfully using other DAWs (Cubase and Smaplitude) on a Desktop Computer.

We have imported the tracks in Auria. All tracks are there. Everything was imported as it should be (time track is correct, all midi command values are right, e.g. "programm change" values 0 to 49 for 50 program banks in the Kemper Profiler). All channel numbers etc. have been specified, the Kemper Profiler gets signals from Auria (we can see in the Kemper Profiler the right symbols for "Midi Signal received", "Time Track received" etc.).

So now it should work. But it does not!

In all other DAWs on pc it works as it should be:
Programm change value 0 = Program 1 in the Kemper and it stays in the program until the Kemper gets a new command.
Programm change value 1 = Program 2 in the Kemper and it stays in the program until the Kemper gets a new command.
If I go to any point in the track, the Kemper immediately gets the information where we are and which programm should be activated. Perfect!

But not in Auria:
Value 0 leads to program bank 1, fine, correct. But any program change leads just to very small reaction on the Kemper (maybe for a quarter second) and the Kemper always falls back to program bank 1. Even if it should be in programm 41 (value in Auria "program changes" says correctly 41) the Kemper does not stay there, but is still in program bank 1.

Whatever program change should come, all program change commands lead to this funny, small reaction in the Kemper but it falls back immediately into program 0. So I thought that maybe Auria sends a kind of "note off" signal?

Just to emphasize on one point: We have tested the midi tracks and the Kemper etc. out on other DAWs and we have also tested out our Audio/Midi-Interface with other DAWs and everything works absolutely correct there. So the problem must somehow be with Auria.

If you need any further information on the Kemper, please look here:

There is also a documentation on Midi-Parameter.

Further information (17.01): All other CC-Parameter work fine. I have tested out to make programm changes not using the programm change slot but CC47 and CC50-54 (as an alternative method as described in the Kemper manual).

So there seem only to be the bug in the Auria Pro app regarding „program changes“.

This should be revised by you. If you need more detailed information, just let me know. I can also send the midi-file itself.

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