buzzing mic only in auria

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buzzing mic only in auria

Post by maximilian1989 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 12:10 am

i have one problem: I use the Steinberg UR44 interface by usb connection. Recording without a xlr cable plugged into the interface i don't hear any noise, everything seems perfect. When i plug in the XLR cable to the input of the steinberg interface i still hear nothing but as soon as i connect it with the microphones it starts to buzz in the lower frequency. I have the Rode M5 Kondensator microphones and it is buzzing with phantom power and without. So far everything. The main point is: This happens ONLY with Auria, if i use the interface with Cubase on the ipad everything works fine and also in cubase on my mac. What do i do wrong, i'm really helpless. I have all FX switched off, what reason can it be?
Thanks in advance

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