FADE IN and Gain, Info Box readout.

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FADE IN and Gain, Info Box readout.

Post by King » Sun Sep 11, 2016 11:13 am

1. Start a new Project bpm 120.
2. Add or record some audio. 1 bar in length. (Or whatever).
3. Tap on the region, (in the top right corner of the info box, you will see "FADE IN: 1:1.1.000".
4. Zoom into the region, anywhere past (80%).
5. Where "FADE IN" was, you will now see "VALUE: -17.7dB (+)".

At this point/level, moving the gain tab on the region does not show me any 'realtime' changes.
It just says "VALUE: -17.7dB (+)", which doesn't change. Once your back below 80% zoom and you de-select and re-select the region you can see the gain reading, (again).

Not sure what this is..
but I got screen shots if needed..

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