Auria Link Feature with MMC

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Oscar South
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Auria Link Feature with MMC

Post by Oscar South » Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:22 pm

Just been dabbling my toes in the water today! I'm pretty fluent with Studio One so am just now figuring out how everything works in Auria.

I use a MIDI controller with MMC controls, which I'm familiar working with. Glad to see that they work nicely in Auria! After reading about Auria Link and taking note of the slight delay, I thought that it might combine well with the MMC buttons.. The 'play' button could provide an exact start and avoid the latency all together for example. I found however that it doesn't really work that well with both MMC and AuriaLink. Lots of cursor glitching around and I even experienced a crash on pressing the MMC play button.

After playing around for a while and setting only the Master device to receive MMC, it worked a little better. The zooming is really nice and the cursor position sets itself accurate after max a couple of seconds delay. The slave device often keeps playing for a second or two after hitting stop.

Anyway my suggestion would be basically to allow MMC controls to override AuriaLink and then let AuriaLink pick up the location after stopping (I found that using only MMC on both devices, the location was a dosen or so milliseconds different after stopping).

ps. As a quick aside into feature request territory, it'd also be useful to be able to 'pass' an audio track from device to device in this manner. For example I have a lower powered device with lots of space and a high powered one with little. Passing tracks between the two devices would be handy for the various types of resource conservation in play here! Also can't resist to mention how useful it'd be to be able to host a 'remote' version of the mixer page on a second device!

pps. Typo in the manual: "7. Confirm the AuraLink request on the slave device"

ppps. On the topic of the 'other' Link, I feel like this is getting over-complicated in how DAW developers are considering it's addition. I'm sure it's much deeper than this in reality, but it seems to me that a simple function to start recording on the next 'Link' barline with a cue in would already be an incredibly useful feature.

Bit more rambly and feature request'y than I intended.. it's late! I'll end it there.
Thanks very much and all the best,

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