Fugue machine and transport controls

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Fugue machine and transport controls

Post by LEnrOd » Sat May 28, 2016 10:41 am

Hi guys, I'm having a little trouble triggering fugue machine when I hit play in auria (pro) I can get it playing through auria and record the midi coming out, but I have to hit play in fugue then switch over to auria and hit record, but I can't sync it at all this way, it also carries on playing once I've hit stop.
In fugue if I make auria the midi source so it can receive midi clock I can't get it working at all (I have to set it to no input, which obviously is causing it to not sync but it does play like I described above) I've also tried all the different midi settings etc but no luck.
So if anyone could describe how this works (if it's even possible) or even post some screen shots of the settings your using, il be forever in your debt :D

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