Auria Pro-Audiobus-Drum Perfect Pro multiout=crash

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Auria Pro-Audiobus-Drum Perfect Pro multiout=crash

Post by mschenkel » Wed Feb 24, 2016 5:51 am

Hi Rim,
I was trying to load a new Audiobus session to do some tests on DPP multi output with AB into AP to manage single drumkit parts and I'm doing it this way:
Launch AB
Load AB session with all the DPP 16 instrument outs assigned on one AB pipeline
Insert AP in the output slot.
Launch DPP(I've tried also without launching it first)
Launch AP

HW: iPad Pro
SW: iOS 9.2.1, AP&DPP latest

I'll now try to add AB inputs with AP already running and see if it just a bottleneck at startup issue and report the results.

No it is not a start up issue:
I tried to add instruments inserts one by one and as soon as I loaded the 8th AP crashes.
On another test I got through the 8th track to crash on 9th.

Have to check if AP does the same with the same input count but with different apps.

No luck with other apps as well. One I add the 9th slot AP crashes

Forgot to mention that I'm clearing the track count on project load

If none is able to confirm or not so I'm able to understand if it is on my side rather then on AP's.


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