gain level too high with focusrite 18i20

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gain level too high with focusrite 18i20

Post by rodrorc51 » Tue Dec 29, 2015 9:26 am

i recently started to have issues with gain levels in auria via my focusrite 18i20. on the manual it sais to aim for peak levels around -18 dBFS. and the only way i can get this low is by adjusting the recording level in auria (the hidden record gain volume) is this normal or am i missing something?

so im recording drums, 7 close-up mics and a room mic. im running 3 sm57's and an assorment of dynamic mics for close-up and im also running a ribbon mic for the room. the ribbon has a mic cloud activator (CL-1) which boosts the signal up by +25db, all the mics are running through a fucusrite 18i20 and all channels have phantom power.
i had to engage the -10db pad on the interface and all the gain knobs are turned down all the way, im not in the red but its close.

when im at home, i can plug my guitar straight into the interface and the gain knob on the 18i20 works like it should, if i turn it all the way up, it peak.

so its it normal that all my gain knobs are turned down and im still getting plenty of signal?

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