Lost session due to crash

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Shane Turner
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Lost session due to crash

Post by Shane Turner » Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:21 am


Had my first unfortunate bit of data loss yesterday. While I was freezing a track, Auria crashed (no error message). When restarting Auria, the session would oddly not play, and kept popping up with a text box, something along the lines of "cannot save file" about every thirty seconds. There were no other error messages along the way.

After seeing this text box pop up repeatedly, I restarted Auria again and discovered that the session was completely gone. I checked it out in itunes and well, the project file is now 6kb (Auria doesn't even see it), and the backups folder is empty. All gone. It sucks of course, but I guess I should have been saving backup copies of the session--I'll be doing that from now on of course. Thought I'd report the crash nonetheless.

(Thankfully, I had been using AudioCopy/Paste a lot as well as doing mixdowns, so I should be able to restore some of my work from the clipboard and audio import window, though I'll still have to redo a lot of eq'ing and automation.)

What I'm wondering is that when seeing that text box message (about not being able to save the file) it would still have been possible to save the session under a different name, or to dropbox, or if it was actually simply gone at that point. If I had known the session was going to disappear after restarting Auria I would have tested this.


I wish I could provide a little more information about this as it is the only time this has happened so far and I don't know if I could duplicate it again. There were other apps open on the ipad at the time, not sure if that could have had a bearing on the crash

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Re: Lost session due to crash

Post by Rim » Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:28 am


This is very unfortunate, and I'm sorry you lost the project. Auria has a very comprehensive automatic backup system, which should prevent this from happening in the majority of cases. Of course, it's always a good idea to back up and important projects, and Auria backs up the entire project along with all the audio files when you use the Save Project As function. When the "Cannot save project file" message comes up, this is an indication that the entire project is missing (as if it was deleted somehow). At that point, I think it would have already been too late to use the Save As function.

The next update, which should go to Apple today, includes many bug fixes, including some fixes for issues in the freeze function.


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