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Auria Link

Post by Albrecht » Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:48 am

wow, that`s fantastic
found this, by reading the manual p. 74 AuriaLink & WIST

don`t ask me why, but I own two iPad2 ;-), and this is a killer feature

thanks a lot for it !


With AuriaLink, two separate iPads running Auria can connect and sync via Bluetooth, enabling two separate projects (one per iPad) in sync, doubling the total number of tracks available. The two projects will play in sync, plus the Edit windows will be intelligently linked so that the transports, scrolling, zooming, and resizing tracks will occur on both devices simultaneously.

Once the two devices are connect via AuriaLink, start and stop messages will be automatically sent so that the slave device automatically chases the master; as such the Transport will be unavailable on the slave. Fast-forwarding and rewinding are synced as well, and as the Edit windows are linked scrubbing the Timeline Cursor on the master device will scrub the cursor on the slave, too."

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