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Edge Case

Post by rickwaugh » Sat May 09, 2015 12:56 pm

This is my latest, Edge Case. Based on an acoustic riff and progression I wrote a long time ago. Wanted to do some crunchy guitars, full drums. Wanted to do a more complicated mix, using some of the new filters I bought. I am really liking pianoverb, used it in a couple of spots, and the fabfilter limiter and q. The dcam busspressor is killer on electric guitar.

Drums were done piecemeal on the iPad, a part or two at a time, in thumbjam. Did them twice, and I'm fairly happy with them. Not easy, even though I was a fair drummer at one time. Love the guitar tones I got. Some are flying haggis, some amplitube. Less happy with flying haggis than I was, it was a pain to record.


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