This Storm: Mixed and mastered in Auria

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This Storm: Mixed and mastered in Auria

Post by C-minus » Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:59 pm

Tracked mostly through a Boss BR-1600CD, imported unedited into Auria as WAV via Dropbox. Had my gripes and "bumps in the road" with Auria at first (on an ipad 2) but upgrading to the Air made a HUGE difference. This is just the first one, mind you, the 16 gig. Later recordings will feature tracks recorded directly into Auria using my newly acquired iTrack Solo, but for now, I'm keeping the ol' BR-1600 around for drums (with its 8 delicious XLR inputs) That's genuine Cartersville rain in the end, recorded on a wonderful, lazy, Saturday morning, right oustide my back door using the iPad's mic.
Auria is fantastic, the real deal, and any deficiencies in the sound of this recording are my own. If you know how to use the tools, you can get any sound you need outta here. I'm still learning, but really, we're ALWAYS learning if we're doin' it right!
Thanks for listening/commenting/hating/etc.!

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