A love song

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A love song

Post by supanorton » Wed Jul 16, 2014 6:23 am

Here's my latest effort. I started in MultiTrack DAW with a click track, acoustic guitar, and vocals. I imported the guitar and vocals into Auria, built my drum track and re-tracked the acoustic and vocals. I moved a mix into GarageBand where I tracked the organ (pesky key clicks and all!); next, I went back to MultiTrack DAW and tracked the electric guitars using ToneStack and Bias via AudioBus (I find that my iPad 2 likes tracking in MultiTrack DAW when AudioBus is involved). I added a harmony vocal and mixed in Auria. I really like the way the DCAM Channel Comp sounds on my vocals. I used the. MicroWarmer and the Pro Verb on one of the guitars and the channel strip EQs and compressor on everything else. I also used the channel strip effects and limiter in the master channel before importing into FinalTouch.

Hoping to hear some suggestions for improvement that don't include selling my guitars and gear!

Thanks for listening.

https://soundcloud.com/anorton/i-could- ... e-this-far

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