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Mastered in Auria

Post by sELF » Wed Jun 11, 2014 4:03 am

When I say mastered, I mean to the best of my ability, then! Using BeyerDynamic 990Pros. Fabfilter Pro Q, C, L & FX Bus Comp! A lesson in mastering really. I have since slightly improved my techniques. One main limitation is the source sound quality. Much work is done in Samplr. Which is excellent. Yet, has its sonic limitations, naturally. And I have my limited, current, ability to monitor. And the time it takes to get to the bottom of these super, yet deep, plug-ins! Fabfilter brings Auria to life in my opinion. Making it the best DAW I've ever used. Not that I've had much positive feedback on the MatrixSynthLounge on Facebook & elsewhere. It seems we are still fighting a hypocritical snobbishness towards the iPad a s a music making tool. Their loss!

Any feedback on this, my first album, is most welcome...When the Arabs make a magic carpet, a mistake is deliberately left in the creation. Imperfect in respect to the divine perfection. There is probably more than one act of divine respect in my first album! ... gCl1p0Ykvg

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