Id22 asp880 focusrite 18i20 focusrite oktopre mk2

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Id22 asp880 focusrite 18i20 focusrite oktopre mk2

Post by Chollus » Sun Mar 26, 2017 5:20 am

Hi Everyone, ( first of all, sorry for my english)

I ve just been reading few of your posts and the way you think your set up is very clever, and so , if you have a bit of time, could you help me to resolve this problem on my config...?

Ipad air 2
Auria pro

Audient id22 (in and out optical spdif / adat)
Asp 880 (adat, aes , spdif outs)

Focusrite 18i20 (interface 18 in, 20 out / 8 analog, 8 adat, 2 spdif)
Focusrite oktopre mk2 (adat out)

So this is what i got...
My main goal would be to have more than 10 inputs given by id22+asp880.
Is it possible to have some extra in from the oktopre, or can you figure some others solutions with The 18i20...
Obviously i would like to keep pres and converters from the audient gear...

Thanks a lot for helping me.....


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Anthony Alves
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Re: Id22 asp880 focusrite 18i20 focusrite oktopre mk2

Post by Anthony Alves » Tue Mar 28, 2017 5:23 pm

( Ive owned all these and use the iD22 within my setup) The only way to get more in this setup that I see is like this.
Send the Audient ASP880's adat out into the Focusrite 18i20 adat in. Set the Audient iD22 to output digitaly to toslink which is spdif in an optical format,so do what I did and buy an optical toslink (Panasonic stereo optical format) to spdif converter available online. You set this output type using the iD22 software. This allows you to connect the iD22 2 ch outputs digitally to the 18i20 spdif digital input. Now you have at the optical and spdif inputs of the Focusrite 10 channels in addition to the 8 analog of the 18i20. The pres and converters of the audients are only used here as those outputs have already been converted by the iD22 and ASP880 and are now passing through the 18i20 digitally and right out the usb cable which is entering AuriaPro digitally. On playback to use the iD22 converters and not the 18i20's ,send the spdif out of the 18i20 into the adat/Toslink input of the iD22 and connect your speakers to the audient. ( you can use the same Toslink/spdif converter as their inputs and outputs are reversable) .Or you can also send out the adat of the 18i20 into the iD22 set to adat format again using the iD22 software which will not rquire the Toslink/spdif converter. .Durring tracking unplug the optical cable inputing to the iD22 so as not to create an audio loop and monitor off the 18i20 durring recording. Unfortunately there is no more input room for the Octapre on the Focusrite 18i20. In this setup the 18i20's cnverters will only be used on the 8 analog inputs from the 18i20 durring tracking but not durring playback and mixing. Cheers and hope that helps some.

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