Ipad mini 2 and Ipad Air both loaded with Auria Pro

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Ipad mini 2 and Ipad Air both loaded with Auria Pro

Post by eddie » Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:07 pm

Hello Forum Members
I have an Ipad mini2 with os 9.3.1. and an Ipad Air with os 8.1.0 and both are loaded with Auria Pro. The reason I have not upgraded the Ipad Air is I've read in this forum that there are some issues with the latest OS when it comes to Auria Pro.. I am using the Roland UM One as my interface and it seems to work just fine from Rolland sound curtain > audiobus>Garage band in the Ipad Mini 2 and Ipad Air.
I am using a Korg Kronos to input my recording into Ipad, using the UM One as my interface. I wanted to use the sound of the Kronos to record direct to Auria Pro without passing thru Audiobus. Is that possible? Apparently when I do that on the Ipad mini 2 the INT sign in the console change to USB. It does not change when I try to do the same with the Ipad Air.
Am I missing something? Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you and a good day to all. eddie

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