Only 2 outputs with RME Babyface??

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Only 2 outputs with RME Babyface??

Post by yairmusicman » Mon Nov 18, 2013 10:30 am

New user here :)

I am using auria on the iPAd 3 with the RME babyface.
Everything was working fine from the get-go EXCEPT:
When I open the Output Matrix I can see 24 outputs but I only have 1&2 to choose from..
The babyface has 4 outputs so why?...
I want to send all the playback to outputs 1&2 and one click track to a drummer (Phones- 3&4)
I've always been able to do so on PC.. how can I get this to work here?

The babyface has 2 modes when Class-Compliant: 1.Copy output- same signal in master AND phones.
2. DAW mode- regular, meaning the phone (3&4) outputs is separate to the master..

So... why can't I send a different signal to the phones??
Please help! :?

Using IOS 7 if that helps any..


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Re: Only 2 outputs with RME Babyface??

Post by eyegor » Wed Dec 11, 2013 6:02 pm

Dear Yairmusicman ,
You've to enable the multiroute mode on Auria's general settings, a dialog box will request you to unplug the audio device and restart Auria, then you can assign One or both the aux channels to outputs 3-4.
Obviously you have to set the DAW mode on your BF.
I don't know If the metronome click could be routed on the aux bus, If not you could try give the master outs to the drummer and the aux to the control room, I suppose.

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