Plug Separate Audio & Midi Devices into Hub?

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Plug Separate Audio & Midi Devices into Hub?

Post by Ric4001 » Thu Sep 26, 2013 3:00 pm

I have a Sound Devices USBPre-2 that I intend to use with Auria for audio. If I connect it through a powered hub, can I also plug a class-compliant midi interface (like the Roland or Yamaha single midi in/out interfaces) into the hub and have Auria see the midi device at the same time as the Sound Devices audio device? I realize Auria does not yet implement midi recording or playback, but I have an opportunity to buy a combined audio/midi interface but will pass on it if I can easily add a simple usb midi interface to my Sound Devices setup. Ultimately I want to be able to use audio and midi at the same time.

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