File imported from Dropbox missing ...

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File imported from Dropbox missing ...

Post by jussishow » Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:26 am

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Bumped into an annoying bug yesterday ...
I imported a WAV file (stereo mix) from a shared Dropbox folder and recorded some bass tracks for it.
Made and exported a crude mixdown to Dropbox, and copied the bass WAV's to the soundguy.
So far, so good...

But today when I wanted to open the project again the imported WAV is 'missing....
The track shows two straight pink lines on a gray background and '(missing)' after the region name.
Can't seem to find the imported WAV in the project directory either ...

So it seems that the file was imported there and then, but not stored 'permanently' in the project folder ...

Known issue / bug ?

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