Recording Quality and Fidelity

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Recording Quality and Fidelity

Post by Snekia78 » Sat May 13, 2017 5:36 pm

I am running Auria Pro on an iPad Pro 128GB dedicated to professional audio recording.
My problem is as follows:

I am recording vocals through a Presonus iTwo dry, no effects.
I had been struggling for months with recording vocals; treating rooms, buying reflections shields, retreating rooms, changing rooms, etc... unable to figure out was was wrong.

Then I shut down Auria pro and ran the exact same signal path into Cubasis to start running more tests.
You guessed it, Cubasis sounded perfect.
So back to Auria pro, and horrible. (My buffer size is 256 if curious)

WHAT IS WRONG? I have spent a lot of money on Auria pro , plugins , IPad Pro, etc .....
I am extremely computer and DAW literate. What is going on?
Yes, I have checked for the millionth time if any plugins, channel strips, or anything also were active. This IS a fidelity quality problem.

Does anyone, particularly the developers, have an answer? I have spent endless hours on an extremely important project that still is not done. I soon will request a full refund if these issues do not stop.

I would appreciate any help, insight, or compensation at this point

Thank you

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Re: Recording Quality and Fidelity

Post by Rim » Sat May 13, 2017 9:57 pm

I'm happy to try and help. What seems to be the problem exactly? Can you describe your setup, and how you're using Auria?


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