MIDI playback and exports

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MIDI playback and exports

Post by mrdizzyfingers » Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:22 pm

At first I thought it was an issue with Auria midi playing back Lyra EXS imports. There were drum sequences not playing back properly. Then there was a bass patch that was imported from the EXS that wasn't playing back properly. I tired quantizing and editing velocities and notes were still propping out. I copied the project and deleted everything except the bass track with the Lyra patch and the sequence and it still didn't play back properly. I mixed down the track and the audio wasn't right either. I figured that if I exported the midi I should be able to import it into Logic, but my 100 bar sequence kept being exported as a single bar; and even that one bar had notes dropping out. I finally tried triggering sounds from an external synth with this bass sequence and there were still notes dropping out. You can see the notes in the midi editor but they were not triggering. The untriggered notes were random. I looped an 8 bar section and different notes dropped out every cycle.
I'm using a 1st generation iPad Air 128 gig cellular.

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