Stretching Midi clips

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Stretching Midi clips

Post by Hansson » Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:16 pm

Hi, ive noticed that when you time stretch midi clips they keep reverting to their original "state" for example i compress an 8bar midi clip to a 4 bar clip then i want to duplicate it, it reverts to 8bar clips and then duplicates it.
and if you try to copy the strecthed clip it pastes the original version.

sometimes ive managed to copy the notes in the stretched midi clip and paste them into another midi clip but sometimes that doesnt work either.

this is a wonderful function so it would be much appriciated if some magic could be done with it :)


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Anthony Alves
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Re: Stretching Midi clips

Post by Anthony Alves » Sun Nov 13, 2016 6:55 pm

Here is how you get around this. Once you have timestretched the midi file. Tap the midi file to highlight blue around the file. Under Menu select Export Midi File. Make sure you give it a name. Hit return. Now under the Menu choose Import File and locate your midi file and select the destination track and press ok and the new importred file can now be duplicated or copied and pasted.
The reason your noticing this is because AuriaPro uses non destructive editing. Therefore the timestretch is not permanent but rather like an effect placed on it. You must make that a permenent midi file. This method creates a new midi file of just that timestretched state. Don't worry these midi files are small so you can have many .mid files in your project folder. Remember you can import directly to the track and timeline marker so that your newly imported file is already where it needs to be upon importing or you can simply drag and snap it into place. Don't forget to save the original midi file before deleting it in case you need it again but you could also just timestretch the newly imported back to its original state. Either way your covered. Cheers and good luck.

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