video import ipad pro os9.35

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video import ipad pro os9.35

Post by mididrum » Sat Nov 05, 2016 8:47 pm

screen windows "import audio" on NO
TOUCHING windows open any thing else windows below ( plug in effects, same not exusting)

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Re: video import ipad pro os9

Post by mididrum » Sat Nov 05, 2016 9:26 pm

ok i got to TRICK it ( i use mc converter ipad)
will need to import LRIGINAL AFTER it is converted to mp4 video only ( into auria set to time format SMPTE)
so anybe the original video format : first send it INTO mc converter
choose settings custom to preset ;>:
converted smallest size, same frames, using Mp4 converter settings in mc converter
(trick : press and HOLD the mc video file imported into mc converter to choose conversion , later send : hold
wait the black side disappear : old video now screens settings you needed
then send it to AURIA (press and hold to choose where to send window opens)
then back to mc converter :
convert ( again), NOW the sound to ma4 conversion, if possible betrer Hz same auria project
send BOTH to AURIA from mc converter
import VIDEO file only , save
then choise which track to import audio file m4a , save
now...working !
LATER now to use it ???
EXPORT ORIGINAL video to ipad VIDEO app (imovie?) from where you got it saved
( not the Auria video useless now)

mixdown AURIA new video audio tracks to Audioshare
export that new audio track to your video app ( or import it from audioshare called by video app)
REPLACE with auria track mixdown the ORIGINAL sound track of the ORIGINAL video

maybe you need a converter to understand my english processing (!?)
so welcome to anybody who can process it correct english
best regards

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Re: video import ipad pro os9.35

Post by mididrum » Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:22 am

using APP LumaFx to rebuild the video to be inserted into Auria is best way since it includes autoconversion to mp4 as needed by Auria
while then there is NO audio track included (why ??) in that imported video !!!
needing to import audio ONLY : using (easy)mc converter ONLY for that video audio track if needed can do...!
worst : at miwdown there is no choice of inapp IAA to send the Auria mix including video -other than AUDIOSHARE-
sending the mix to audioshare gets saved the new sound track (only!)
but NOW it's easy to locate and import it into any ipad video app having wave swap edition (most can match Audioshare)
From video app: keeping the ORIGINAL video … it is easy now to replace its sound track by the Auria mix (from audioshare)
There is no side effect,thus importing Auria video converted has no real meaning compared to using Original video spec.

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