tracks creation mess

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tracks creation mess

Post by mididrum » Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:12 pm

most complaintS how far right screen is Master track out of reach for serious projects
you explained how hard deep it is built, while many (stupid) complain about subs- tracks, MAYBE you might MOVE Master track BEFORE ( left) Sub perfectly useful....
Please CREATE NEW MIDI TRACKS always more and more on screen LEFT side
and new AUDIO-- TRACKS on right AS USUAL
Mixing eack new Midi and new audio tracks get MESS on screens : uselessness

To SEE auria SCREEN on TV :.PROJECT MUST BE 44 k (apple tv on air rejects 48k -crashed-)
yes set a keyboard AS "general MIDI channel "transposing incoming midi Ch ??? (better!!!)
SET it with a Split option (Notes zone OR 2 CHANNELs zones) to play LYRA (s) real time same done by Sampletank
notes zones (8 layers !)
your keyboard might be a good place for "master window screen for INCOMING MIDI signals"
Don't forget : BEFORE recording MIDI....WE play MIDI
the same useful ipad IAA have on screen " travel keyboards" same WE USE "travel " Master Keyboards (X key) with SIMPLE functions
needing MORE MIDI settings in AURIA (?could be added at AURIA MIDI settings page where they are already listed ????)
thanks anyway for Auria as is...WONDER
window open "processor load needs to shut plug ins" at … 50 % on ipad PRO !!!
Please check on OS 9.35 your updates for OS 10 (0-002-01-01.1!!!2-3-4-5?) LAST auria update (2.08?) creates crash issue on OS 9.35 when IAA is NOT available from last session or already open
Most serious (!) or NOT I PAD PRO customers HATE Os10 /iCloud SPY organisation, useless without x9 processor, their OS 10 Last apple offer OS zzz update for old IPADS stops at 9.35 ( good luck!)
very NICE and SAFE:
AUM can HOOK an ALREADY open IAA ...needing for AURIA safety to rather open Auria (or USE Audiobus BETTER hooks to Auria tracks rec

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