midi drum file import issues & tempo track issues

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midi drum file import issues & tempo track issues

Post by erikbojerik » Tue Aug 30, 2016 6:51 pm

New AP user, I love this DAW!

I have a complex midi drum file exported from Logic Pro X that imports OK but has some fairly serious issues:

(1) even with quantize OFF the timing of fast triplets (snare) is off, and some midi notes in the original file are actually combined into a single note after importing into AP (referring to the original file, this happens where the note length is longer than the note interval). See measure 4 in the midi file. I was hoping that with quantize off the note-on positions would be true to the original file after importing (in LPX the file has different quantize settings for certain drum kit elements - snare is 1/32nd-triplet while kick is 1/32nd).

(2) Tempo Track - the file starts at 115 BPM but then there are a few changes mid-file; in AP the changes come 30 bars later than in the original file (!).

(3) Time Signature Track - the file starts in 4/4 but there are changes to alternating X/8 time sigs part way through; in AP these changes come 20 bars later than in the original file (!) even though the pattern plays mostly correctly (tempo shifts notwithstanding).

I have tried exporting from LPX as both Type 0 and Type 1 and it makes no difference in the above behavior, except AP wants to split Type 0 file onto 2 midi tracks upon import.

I will email you the midi file and a Google Drive link to the LPX project (including EX24S drumkit w/samples used), you can compare Piano Roll view with (my preferred) Step Editor view with custom Lane Set. The file is sufficiently complex that I think if you can fix the issues to make it sound like the original in LPX, any other drum file will be a cakewalk by comparison.

BTW this EXS24 drumkit imported into Lyra just fine, what a treat to be able to make this kit mobile! That alone is worth the price for me.

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