IAA plugin errors

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IAA plugin errors

Post by almsfurr » Sun Jun 12, 2016 1:03 pm

iPad 7.0, IOS 9.3.2

Two issues I have have noticed that involve inserting Sampletank (free version) in Auria as IAA. I don't have any other apps to insert as IAA so i'm not sure if the issue is with Sampletank only or all IAAs.

When frozen, Sampletank tracks are misaligned. This does not occur with Lyra and Fabfilter in the same project. Its as though the wav for the frozen track is offset by a bar.

Also, i've noticed some strange behaviours when loading multiple instances of Sampletank as IAA. This occurs when I insert a second and third instance of Sampletank:
  • The second instance continues to playout despite unarming the record button - Sampletank is not open as a separate instance in the background.

    Trying to insert a third instance results in a prompt which ask me make sure Sampletank is closed:
    'The inter-app plugin in not responding. Please double-tap on the home button and close the inter-app plugin, then try again..' This error occurs despite Sampletank not being there to close when tapping home button.

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