MIDI overdubbing behavior

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MIDI overdubbing behavior

Post by Atoms4Infants » Sat Apr 09, 2016 10:17 am

Hi Rim,

Ive been working on a MIDI track which has involves overdubbing. Im getting some undesirable behavior as follows.
If the notes which are overdubbed coincide with MIDI notes that have been already laid down then the existing notes can get substituted by new notes of same pitch but different lengths. The behavior is erratic in that sometimes the overdubbed area can result in a completely empty section. The existing notes are deleted and no new overdubbed notes are recorded. Interestingly if an undo is made then the overdubbed section appears. I guess this reveals the process of overdubbing as being two-step: record new notes and then merge with existing notes?

Anyway, this has the consequence of removing existing notes in favor of the new MIDI notes. This isn’t a desirable behavior to my mind as ideally one would want to keep the previous notes as well as the new notes even though the note values are identical.

In other desktop DAWs such as Reaper MIDI notes can be overlaid on one another - the effect here being that the velocity of the notes are summed rather than subtracted or replaced. Would it possible to implement overdubbing in this way as then an existing track of MIDI notes are not disturbed in any way when overdubbing subsequent ones?

Thanks for listening,

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Re: MIDI overdubbing behavior

Post by Rim » Sat Apr 09, 2016 3:16 pm

Interesting, I'll look into this for a future update. You're right - Auria's overdub mode records, then merges the recorded midi with the existing notes. There's no such thing in MIDI as having two notes play at the same time (try pressing a key on your keyboard twice at the same time ;) So, DAWs need to decide what to do when a note overlaps or coincides with another note of the same value.


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