ipad PRO bug resolved

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ipad PRO bug resolved

Post by mididrum » Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:28 pm

SINCE NOW AURIA SETTINGS need "STANDARD" mode instead of previous "Multiroute"mode needed to record multitracks
from USB hardware ( Behringer racks X32, Air X18 and Presonus vsl18/18 NEW FIRMWARE) that are DREAM soundcards with ( presonus) or without ( behringer) USB2.HUB no alim : ANITECH PANDORA WHITE MODEL anyway NEEDED to ADD usb controler(s) to the audio/midi path... post rack USB access at usb connector ( with camera USB adapter) to ANY ipad ...
IPAD PRO runs AURIA twice quicker and More POWER than ipad Air2.processor...incredible safe, quick,easy....
MIDI VERSION Auria PRO coming might result safer...&.quicker than.... its delivery... ????

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