ipad pro bug result

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ipad pro bug result

Post by mididrum » Tue Nov 24, 2015 11:12 am

ok, after erasing auria then downloaded it AGAIN
purchases are now restored
Auria opens as usual
All IAA appear ( boring usual: NO Icons...!)
Demo plays nice
The ipad pro advantage....?
PROCESSOR 36 % ONLY !!! with APPROACH ,64 bits mixer. buffer 256 : PLUS 5 more demanding POWER inserts added !!!
BIG fingers now feel confortable, and recording looks like...PRO
HOW to get auria screen on TV by wifi ....??? and WITHOUT the sound if possible ? ( Usb behringer rack x32,is in use)
Waiting for AURIA PRO....promised end november....here we are..got.Pro ipad but not Auria Pro...
Hope..'soon : since everything now works fine...a real pleasure !

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