OS 9.901/2/3 ...!!!!

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OS 9.901/2/3 ...!!!!

Post by mididrum » Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:25 pm

1)updated SO-SO APP NEED UPDATE from AURIA to SHOW with ICONES the PROVED working APPS
The usual mess is WORST than EVER and bootings and kicked out MORE common than the VERY USUAL....too much!!!!
please TRY them and agree ONLY writing icons as DO MOST REC APPS....ONLY AURIA miss it from BIG FINGERS on so many small tricky lines of wich many are DANGEROUS ( MORE from OS 9!!!)Apps for Show !

Already santa klaus brings iPAD PRO...waiting for Auria PRO NO BUGS...OK BUT WHEN????
we DIE for IT , SO FORGET the stupid NO MONEY peoplecconsiderations about such usefull WONDER ( or nightmare) we'll get...SOON ??????(hope SO !!!!!!!!)
Thanks to care EASY choice/ bugs consuming time and CONFIDENCE at each bugged APP !!!(WRITTEN suppose it to MATCH)

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