Audio Click and Pop problem From iConnect Midi 2

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Audio Click and Pop problem From iConnect Midi 2

Post by Anthony Alves » Sat Sep 05, 2015 9:36 am

I was experiencing clicks and pops in my studio lately that has been driving me nuts. I found the little culprit and it was my iConnect Midi 2. Even though I set it to not receive or send audio using the iConnectivity App, when left on during audio sessions this little fella was creating pops and clicks that would destroy my audio recordings. This device is connected to the same usb powered hub as the audio interface and has to in order for the midi to be transmitted to the app and back as usb is the only connection to the midi data. Once turned off the problem was gone. I have tested this extensively now and am reporting this just in case anyone else is experiencing these types of pops and clicks and happen to have an iConnect product. I can only confirm the iConnect Midi 2 so not sure if all of the models produce this problem. The problem gets worse when using the digital connections in an audio recording setup such as recording into an interface via ADAT light pipe or SPDIF. Again turning the unit off solves the problem. Cheers and hope this helped someone out there.

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