'Disable effects while recording' function issue

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'Disable effects while recording' function issue

Post by mjhiom86 » Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:09 am

Okay, so I had most tracks in a project frozen, and was recording vocals...I had activated the 'disable effects while recording function', but assumed it would re-enable all effects after recording...or actually I assumed it wouldn't disable the buttons, but just wouldn't record the effects with an internal bypass of some sort.

So when I came to unfreeze each track to edit, I noticed the bypass button was on, and each effect in the strip was disabled. So I had to turn everything back on manually. Maybe this only happened because they were frozen when I was recording, and the app was unable to re-enable everything that was previously in use; so returning the project to its exact previous state, as I would expect it to.

It was quite distressing to not be totally sure which effects I had left on and which were left off on purpose. Fortunately I think I'd deleted any effects which I was no longer using...but I'm still not 100%, as I often experiment, and leave an effect in the chain, but disable or bypass it, leaving myself the option to try the effect again later...but for my current mix of this project, this issue has messed up how I had everything set up, and given me extra work.

I thank the reader for their time...and would appreciate some feedback on whether this is how the function in question is supposed to work, or whether they think the frozen tracks interferred.


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