128gb Air2 CPU Overload with Elastic Drums

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128gb Air2 CPU Overload with Elastic Drums

Post by gsm909 » Mon Feb 23, 2015 4:49 pm

Hi, I have a new Air2 with 128Gb. I have Elastic Drums inserted into an IAA slot on 1 channel. No other plugins loaded, no other apps running in the background. When everything is freshly booted, the cpu meter shows about 13% running Elastic Drums. After about 30-90 seconds, I get a cpu overload message, audio stops and the cpu is reading 35%-40%. I really expected more from the newest IPad with 128Gb. My old 16gb ipad2 could have done more than this! Please Rim/Auria, fix this problem or beat s#*t out of Apple for introducing the problem in Air2 iPads. Thanks

EDIT: with Elastic Drums loaded into Auria IAA, but not actually running, the cpu in Auria fluctuates wildly from 9% to 33%

Using Audiobus, with Elastic Drums in the input slot, Flux FX in the FX slot, and Auria in the output slot, I have no glitches and Auria cpu usage stable at 1%, so from my point of view, it's definitely an IAA problem.

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