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Post by mididrum » Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:58 am

many app inserted don't work in the auria audiopath : MOST Guitar effects appear but,...no sound !
you should try them ALL....No reason after successful loading not to be in use, their mike path being open in ( ipad settings) while most DO work in chaine in audiobus....

Processor bargraph for many of your inserts oscillates ( no REASON) between 25...to 90 and Auria ( stopped!) then crashes easy ( so many complaints) NOT better since OS 8.3......
air Pad 2.being quadricore might be the reason for many apps being 2 cores compatible (or need Auria set to 64 bits while i run auria only 32 bits...i must check...) PC have this problem of incompatibility (Vst 64 don't work on soft 32) while everybody updating to OS 8.3 maybe needing ONLY 64 bits Auria....( YOU give choice...others VST don't) ????
i will check AGAIN -i have nearly ALL of Music Apps -

COMPLEMENT to your question : Behringer is the ONLY PRO interface AUDIO really SAFE and enjoyable AND (!)affordable
Midas in/out preamps AND ergonomy from ipad remote wifi: PERFECTION
their 'usb racks coming will WIN the i Pad market...think about it

The MIDI NOTES cannot be used while YOU perfectly SEE x32 access but midi NOTES keep on prohibited at X32 validation scenes!!!
The XKEY 37 USB coming soon will be the best opportunity to share the x32 usb2 hub having 37 keys AND foot controlers
right now it's the 'best musician traveler ( all of us!) keyboard..no BUG...auria can MATCH
ONE WISH for your Auria PRO ( including midi tracks)
Get a MIDI SPLITTER clear per channel...NO APP really does...they LIE pretending it, and or suffer falting (no!) ergonomy .

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