No audio when moving sound from audiobus channel strip

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No audio when moving sound from audiobus channel strip

Post by Artfuljay » Sat Oct 11, 2014 12:49 am

Hi guys. I'm new to this forum having bought auria a couple of weeks ago. I love the product but already have run into a couple of issues that are cramping my creativity
1. I have issues arming the record button through audiobus when using auria as my output and another app as input. auto punch does not work either unless the I arm the track itself in auria. I never had this problem using amplitube. I could always audition then arm and record from my input app without having to arm from output app.
2. I use jamup XT and drums XD as inputs for audiobus and auria adds designated channels to my mixer. no problem. However I do 2-3 takes for a song and 'store' each take on a free channel for future editing. problem is when I move the audio to another channel there is no sound. the channel is not muted and The vu meter does not even show any movement. move it back to audiobus channel and it plays again.
Thanks for a great app guys. I'll be sure to upload clips of my work.

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