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BUGS and wish list

Post by peterjade » Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:13 pm

1) snapshots recall includes recorded ( including "cut" ones! useless waves.BUT OK....usefull after ( so many painless crashes) ( auto snapshot is welcome)
but CRAZY while going back to old SCENE settings...old recorded waves appear ( useless) new ones disappear
please make a SCENE MEMORY avalaible for ONLY mixer settings

2) NO PAUSE on midi Stop made From remote control Master stop ERASES the recording not processed( need to STOP from auria)

3) at Punch in No on screen auto scroll....and new punch in needs confirmation on...same punch out or...erase non stop

4) strange behavior of processor metering changing mind non stop...without any reason nor use and crashing auria
following on recording its dubitous measuring

5) NO LIST of undo to select WHAT ( until) level to process : Making sure BEFORE agreement
NO agreement option is DANGEROUS for (HAND hidden) message since not seen on screen

6) congratulation for what you did already

7) Prosonus vsl 1818 is a SHAME unable to keep digital sync thru USB, bugging AURIA (ipad 3)
since ipad 4 AND ipad AIR: UNABLE to work under lightning connection from USB PORTS working ( soso!) previously, nor
using USB to lightning adaptors
8 ) right now ALESIS DOCK works PERFECT but... video out NOT on duty....

9) i HOPE ( need to try) under Auria matrix multiport SAME I:0 alesis DOCK can get ipad phone out selected (?)

10) special mention to KORG KRONOS thru SIMPLE USB connector ( any) FULL audio ( in/out)AND MIDI integration, sync to korg sequencer and NO LATENCY at 128 samples BUFFER playing VSTI intrack...
Transfers include on ipad screen waves editing and INSIDE kronos Hd saving and sampling of auria ( any app) waves to one midi note...audio IN + Usb in allow AURIA out 4 tracks from output matrix...OUF !

11 ) you aleady matrix in out and midi many harware ( nice) but MAKE SURE they work at Auria pro level....and tell people
about it...Bad experience is BAD for Auria....since YOU support technology crooks....

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