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Post by peterjade » Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:50 pm

stopping the MMC MTC CLOCK master instead of Pause resets to 01.01
IF RECORDING stopping from master ERASES the recorded wave and resets to 01.01
needing to STOP AURIA first to keep the recorded wave
It DOES NOT CHASE (MTC/MTC /clock...NO WAY. AURIA ( since No pause) restarts at 01.01 while ALL other brands can chase and follow
AT LAST it needs a PAUSE function, so don't needing full chasing if restarts from the paused position

BUT what a Midi PITY since transfering tracks in sync is OK....BUT only from 01.01 reset....
Not emasy
it works without needing to be in external sync ( so OK!)
while in external sync it is NOT working at all

Since All others slaved units WORK fine in it is an AURIA MIDI BUG

THE EXTERNAL SYNCRO does not wait any remote start , it starts by itself as soon as receiving midi clock


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Post by peterjade » Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:14 pm

the AUTO SAVE function saves the actual mixing so at any bug needing to reset, the PRIOR usual snapshot is lost of course IF NOT SAVED before...
so OK ....needs to care MORE snapshot knowing that since rehearsing needs of course many different snapshots
the FABFILTER VST bug easy & many times needing Auria frozen to be reset ( maybe from CPU overload?)

the JOIN function is bugged since cannot touch BOTH spliced wave sides to be joined again

no latency playing its vsti under 126 s. is fine and MUCH better than using audiobus App
IPAD AIR is a MUST compared to previous iPads
special mention ***** to Audioshare APP as team for Auria mixdown saving and transfer !
:idea: :idea:
PLEASE update the MIDI CHASE and PAUSE since iPAD should be the best integrated workstation
( i use with KRONOS and OASYS)
i wait for my prosonus 18x18 vsl instead of my alesis dock ( works oerfect)
then i hope NO bugs at multitracks recording and Adat access....
best regards

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Re: midi

Post by Rim » Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:58 am

I'm having a little bit of a hard time following what you're saying here, but let's see if I have this right:

1. You're seeing a problem when Auria is MMC slave and you press stop on the master? Can you please describe step by step what you mean? I don't understand what you mean by 1.01.

2. You are not able to get Auria to chase to an MTC master? This works fine here. Keep in mind Auria will not chase to midi clock, it will only chase to MTC. If you're having trouble with this, please let me know which app you're using as an MTC master.

3. "THE EXTERNAL SYNCRO does not wait any remote start , it starts by itself as soon as receiving midi clock" I don't understand what you're saying here. Could you please explain?

4. Fabfilter bug: Yes, I have asked them about this, and I assume they are fixing it.

5. Join bug in Auria: This is on my list to fix for the next update.


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