A short report from a FOH recording.

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A short report from a FOH recording.

Post by doncho » Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:55 am

Hi all

This wednsday i was hired at FOH on an album release concert here in Gävle, Sweden. A couple of friends of mine were releasing an album we recorded live earlier this year. Back then I was using my 01v96 and M-Audio Octane preamp through a Presonus firestudiolightpipe into my mbp. 18 channels recorded then, and a halfway teardown of my studio to get the recording gear out......

Since then i have bought myself a new berhinger x32 desk (very nice) which doubles as a recording interface over firewire or usb. It records 32 channels on my mbp and 24 on my ipad 4 and Auria! I decided to take Auria for a real testdrive recording the whole gig.

The channelcount was a bit lower this time around, skipping ambience mics and instrument doubles. The setup was:

Grand Piano on 1-2
Accordion on 3-4
Double bas 5
Guitar 6
Guitar 7
Mandolin 8
Vocals 9
Vocals 10
Vocals 11
Vocals 12

The ipad had it's battery fully chardged when the recoring started. When the gig was over it had dropped to 95%. This was after a 85 minute recoring without autolock! It also seems that the recoring was done flawlessly without any hickups or digital artifacts. Very impressing!

Just wanted to share this nice experience and next time i'm doing on location recording I'll most likely leave the mbp at home...

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