How to move audio files around....

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How to move audio files around....

Post by will » Fri Sep 07, 2012 7:26 am

I have been recieving audio files from a variety of sources on my ipad, and have been wondering what people use to move them around, drop them into auria etc.
Some of these files are needed in loopy, some in auria, some arrive via email (thanks safari for sucking with audio files) and some are created myself..
I haven't jailbroken my ipad2, and am not impressed with audio copy as it converts to 16 bit (why?).

This all needs to be done in the ipad, not dropbox, or itunes.

Thanks in advance.
(note: there could be something i am missing here! as am not used to the closed environment that is ios).

Really pleased with Auria so far.

<<EDIT>> It's ok - I resorted to using (buying for $4 Aus) iFile. Of course I had to jailbreak, but it is worth it (for me) to get the access I need. I can't recommend this to users, but in the absence of some kind of inbuilt file browser what else do we do?
At least now I can copy my audio files into other places in situ. It even offers to open them up in another compatible app.

I am really hoping that iOS 6 may start to address some of these issues. The more powerful the ipad becomes, the more we need to have some way of accessing. Sonoma AudioShare needs to bit independent for a start.
I understand the issues of keeping an OS robust and malware free......

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