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AudioBus/inter-app audio

Post by Androcid » Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:37 pm


I'm a big fan of Auria, but I have a gripe. Mind you, this problem is not Auria related, but limitations from Apple I guess. I work mainly ITB with other synth- and drum-apps, and as such is limited by AudioCopy (as working through iTunes will be cumbersome and kind of defy the point of working on an iPad). However, AudioCopy can be a workaround too, as it, as far as i know compromises quality and can be unstable (see other discussions about bm2 and animoog).

AudioBus is "coming soon" which promises inter-app audio, however, it seems like the app will be a daw of sorts, and such Auria and AudioBus might not be the best playmates? There are also rumors of inter-app audio routing in iOS6, but even though the WML-people sure,y has the codes ans kits Im also sure their tounges are tied by Apple until release? Does it seem like recording into Auria from another app will be realityin the foreseable future or is this so far impossible? Would step the iPad even further than Auria has already taken it ;)

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Re: AudioBus/inter-app audio

Post by Rim » Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:01 pm

Your guess is as good as ours, honestly. Apple doesn't tell developers anything in this regard. From what we've read, AudioBus will not be a DAW, but simply an audio routing system at this point. As soon as it gets released, we'll be looking into in in greater detail for sure.


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