Creating new tracks in Auria

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Creating new tracks in Auria

Post by leginkhan » Thu Jul 26, 2012 4:02 pm

Hi I'm using a presonus 1818 vsl together with my iPad 3 and Auria. The 8 inputs on the 1818 are automatically mapped to ports 1-8 in the input matrix in Auria. Im recording my drummer's kit with 6 mics which ony leave 2 more tracks available. can someone tell me how can record over new separate tracks if all Auria see are the 8 ports from presonus. I won't be recording multiple track at once.
My question after I have recorded the drums and nearly all of the 8 tracks have been used, in the same session how can I access more tracks using my presonus 1818 vsl if Auria only sees 8 ports????

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Re: Creating new tracks in Auria

Post by Rim » Thu Jul 26, 2012 5:42 pm

Auria sees all 18 inputs of the 1818, but in order to use the rest of those inputs, you need to connect an external ADAT-compatible preamp to the 1818, like this one: ... -BADA8000X

Otherwise, you can assign which inputs go to which Auria tracks, by opening the Input Matrix, and re-assign your inputs there.


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