Importing Audio AFF from Logic n2 Auria Problem

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Importing Audio AFF from Logic n2 Auria Problem

Post by lilgirlpro » Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:28 am

When i go through the process of importing my AAF file from Logic n2 Auria it does not work.
i have 2 import all the audio file individually 1st,then load the AAF file 2 get the Session information
n order 2 get it 2 work.When i try 2 do it all at once,i get & error message & only the session
info is brought in & not the audio files.Has any1 else had this problem with Logic Pro 9?
is this a Bug just happening with Logic? :(

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Re: Importing Audio AFF from Logic n2 Auria Problem

Post by Rim » Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:09 pm

The best way to get Auria to load an aaf file is to do this:

1. On your PC or Mac, create a folder
2. In this folder, put the aaf file and all the audio files that go along with it.
3. Zip the entire folder.
4. Drag that zip file onto iTunes File Sharing
5. You;ll see Auria automatically start to uncompress the zip file
6. When it's finished, go to the Menu in Auria and select Load AAF file. Find your Folder, go into it, and click on the aaf file

This should open your aaf file and use all the audio


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