Update 2.22: List of instrument AUs able to receive midi from MIDI AUs (UPDATED)

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Update 2.22: List of instrument AUs able to receive midi from MIDI AUs (UPDATED)

Post by -ki » Tue Apr 09, 2019 3:15 pm

During my test of instrument AUs not beeing able to receive midi from midi generating AUs, i also compiled the list of those AUs working.

In my test i five different midi generating AUs ( Audeonic Riffer, PAGE Autony, Brambos Rozetta Bassline and Bramsbos Rozetta X0X, Audio Veek Atom | Piano Roll and rrc2s Physicle Bouncy) and also tested the ability to receive midi send over from another midi track.

The generator AU were loaded in the insert slot of an own midi track each, with their input set to to generating plugin and the output set to the test-candidate.

10.04 UPDATE: The latest V2.23 beta (41582) solved the problem some synth were having, i added them to the list
  • apesoft mood
  • apesoft iVCS3
  • Arturia iSEM
  • Audible Genius Primer
  • AudioDamage Quanta
  • Backpullver Vatanator (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • Bismark bs16i
  • Blamsoft Viking Synth
  • Blue Mangoo iFretless Bass (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • BPST Sunrizer
  • BPST Zeeon
  • Brambos Ruismaker (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • Brambos Ruismaker FM (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • Brambos Ruismaker Noir (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • Brambos Troublemaker
  • deltavaudio Spacecraft
  • DesignByPaul SynthDrum
  • ElliotGarrage EGSY01
  • ElliotGarrage WaveSHAPER
  • Embertone Jubal Flue
  • Embertone OcarinaAmaja (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • Embertone Sensua Sax
  • GospelMusic BASSallicious
  • Humbletune ELSA
  • Humbletune Tardigrain
  • iceGear Kronecker
  • iceGear Laplace
  • iceGear Mersenne
  • iceGear Redshrike
  • IKMM Syntronic
  • IMAL SynthScaper
  • k331 Synthmaster One
  • Kiera Q Tech KQ Dixie (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • KFTE GeoShred (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • Klevgrand Jussi
  • Klevgrand Pads
  • kv331 Synthmaster Player
  • Living Memory LayR (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • LFVD Plectrum
  • Nicolozi NPD
  • Moog Model 15 (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • Moog Model D (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • ROLI Noise Drum (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • ROLI Noise Melody (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • PPG Infinite
  • PPG Phonem
  • PPG WaveGenerator
  • Sugar Bytes Aparillo (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • Sugar Bytes Cyclop (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • UVI Beathawk (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • VirSyn microTERA
  • VirSyn Poseidon (with AuriaPro 2.23 beta)
  • Yamaha FM Essential
Please feel free to test and post other AU instrument, that can read from midi AU generators.

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